Boyle St. Block Party Photobooth













There has been a lot of tragic things happening on our block lately, and a lot of events that have made people not feel safe, myself included. Cyberpunk, YMWAHA, and the mosque had been planning the block party for a while before any of the bad news, and I think were all a little nervous that no one would want to come out or would feel comfortable, but that was not the case at all.

We had halal meat, thousands of hot dogs, scribble machines+kids art projects, gospel singers, church ladies and vegan punx, caricatures by Nils, a whole forest of chalk giraffes, and the May Day Marching band. It was beautiful out and unseasonably warm. It made me believe in people again, and made me proud to be a part of this community.

I set up a backdrop in the vacant stoop across the street from my house that has recently been the stage for a lot of sexual harassment+shady shit, and it was beautiful to see people excited to stand up and be there, to take back the space, to be meet neighbors and create positive exchanges, to smile and feel safe and laugh and dance together.


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